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Welcome to our webinar series page. We invite industry professionals and subject matter experts to discuss contemporary industry topics in the webinar. Our webinars are interactive, where you can ask questions and share your views. Participating in the webinar is free and lasts less than an hour. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can email us at

AuPI Webinar - Study Abroad 5 May 2023 4 pm

All About Studying Abroad - 5th May 23 

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About the Topic: 

Studying abroad is a critical life-changing decision. It's a complex journey. It takes courage, years of preparation and, most importantly, a systematic road map. This free webinar can simplify your pathways to studying abroad and navigate you in the right direction. It's about the mind gap between what you want and can achieve. By addressing the gap, this webinar takes a student-centric approach and presents the admission process in simple, easy steps. When there is a will, there is a way. Anyone can study abroad. The big questions are What, Where and How! 

If you are planning to study abroad, this is a must to participate webinar. An interactive Q&A session will follow the webinar. You can ask questions to a pool of experts at the end of the webinar. 

About the Keynote Speaker:

Dr Ehsan Ahmed has more than 25 years of work experience in academic governance and teaching, including 15 years of Australian education industry experience at the Ikon Institute of Australia, Australian Polytechnic Institute (AuPI), AIM Business School (ABS), Kent Institute Australia(Kent), Think Education Group Pty. Ltd. (Torrens) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He was the Director of Student Affairs and Associated Dean at the American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) for several years. He also has 13 years of working experience managing online education and developing blended courses and nine years of working experience managing TEQSA, ASQA, and other industry stakeholders in Australia. Dr Ahmed is an Australian Bangladeshi citizen currently living in Sydney, Australia. 

He completed his PhD in Marketing at the University of New South Wales, one of the top universities in Australia (World ranking 37). He earned his MBA (Marketing) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. He also completed his MSc and BSc (Hons.) in Applied Physics and Electronics from the University of Dhaka. He did his HSC and SSC at Mirzapur Cadet College. 

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About the Topic:

This webinar focuses on the various aspects of being an effective coach and outlines the differences between teaching, mentoring, and coaching.

One of the key attributes of being a good leader is effectively coaching your team to better outcomes when there is a gap in a team member's skills or experience. People who feel enabled, supported, and encouraged are far more likely to achieve desired outcomes successfully and produce quality results. Coaching gives them that extra bit of help they need.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Errol van Blerk is a partner at MAEJ-IC and has over 20 years of experience as a learning and development professional providing external support to large organisations and having headed up an internal learning and development function. Some of the roles Errol has held include Field Operations Manager (Concurrent Computer Corp), National Service Manager (Sony), General Manager (Point of Choice), Learning and Development Manager (Wesfarmers General Insurance) and Senior Partner (SuccScend).

AuPI Webinar Series - MTL - Myra-Ann


About the Topic:

This webinar focuses on how your managerial style affects the ability of others to perform their jobs and their emotional perspective; it gives insight into your emotional intelligence and how to apply that knowledge to the relationships with colleagues and team members staff.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Myra-Ann loves the challenge of coaching and will continue to respond to both corporate and life coaching requests. She has also enjoyed being a university guest lecturer and giving talks on leadership, culture, personal change, building solid relationships and other of her favourite subjects. She will continue to do both. She has lectured senior-ranking government officials in Bangladesh on making changes, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

GARAGE SALE MAGIC is Myra-Ann’s new book. Myra-Ann loves garage sales and noticed that lots of them could have been so much better, so she wrote her book, which is loaded with tools and advice for anyone considering hosting one. Garage Sale Magic is now available on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.

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About the Topic:

Presentation skills in a professional work environment are more than simply delivering a message to an audience. They must engage an audience to be connected, interested, and retain information.
This short webinar will shed light on the tools and knowledge for building and delivering effective presentations from a practical point of view.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Errol van Blerk is a partner at MAEJ-IC and has over 20 years of experience as a learning and development professional providing external support to large organisations and having headed up an internal learning and development function. Some of the roles Errol has held include Field Operations Manager (Concurrent Computer Corp), National Service Manager (Sony), General Manager (Point of Choice), Learning and Development Manager (Wesfarmers General Insurance) and Senior Partner (SuccScend).


About the Topic:

There is an accelerating shortage of cybersecurity professionals across the globe, including in Australia. However, becoming a cyber security specialist is much more than being an IT professional. It requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, people management skills, systematic planning, technical skill, concurrency, hands-on experience, and, most importantly, hard work. An accredited certification course globally endorsed in the industry is the best way to start. However, few well-structured courses and learning pathways are available to fill the skill gap and build a solid foundation for aspiring cyber security professionals. The EC-Council essential series is well equipped to build solid foundations and boost your confidence to combat cyber-crimes. It consists of three critical building blocks of cyber security. These are a) Network Defence, b) Ethical Hacking, and c) Digital Forensics. Each course in the series is meticulous, and detailed, and consists of all the learning resources in one place to make an excellent start. These courses can teach learners various techniques across industry verticals, such as securing networks, mitigating cyber risks, conducting forensic investigations, and more.

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About the Topic:

Mindfulness provides invaluable insights for industry professionals working in a fast-moving environment. It has taken the business world by storm. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and McKinsey are delivering advanced Mindfulness programs to every organisation member. There are patterns in your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. Can you change any of them at will? This webinar, based on Neuroscience, will aware you have that mastery. Understanding the mind and controlling it is the key! Those who practice Mindfulness have a huge advantage over those who do not.

About the Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. David Paul is a specialist in the human aspects of Complex, large-scale organisational change, People management, Neuroscience of Mindfulness and Leadership, Organisational resilience and Positivity, Work-Life Balance, Relational Psychological frameworks, and Eupsychian Leadership. His work incorporates the latest research, analysis and understanding in the fields of Neuroscience and the Science of Mindfulness.

For over 25 years, David has worked with senior management of large organisations in both the public and private sectors including Banking, Engineering, Insurance, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Government, Education and more. His work deals with people and organisations working and living in a VUCA world

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Virtual Lab

24/7 Virtual IT Lab

We explore and thrive in the emerging field of digital learning technology and bring the best possible learning solutions to our learners. Our certified training courses have 24/7 cloud-based training labs with various hardware and operating systems allowing the students to practice and master their skills. The simulated lab environment also prepares our students for performance-based questions within the certification exams.
Job ready

Workplace Ready Skills

Our courses foster technical capabilities and interpersonal skills. It's a balanced training approach focused on applying knowledge and skills. We will ensure you are trained in the real-world skills you need for success. You will learn a wide range of job-ready skills through our live webinars, one on one consultation sessions, class lessons, case studies, simulation exercises, quizzes, flashcards,
One on one

One-on-one Consultation

The majority of our courses provide personalised academic consultation support throughout your studies. You will be able to book one-on-one web conferences with our trainers and ask for academic help. An individual session can go up to 30 minutes. Depending on the course, you can book 2 to 8 sessions free of cost.
Flexible learning

Study Anytime-Anywhere

Our courses are 100% online and can be accessed anytime – anywhere. You can study at your own pace, at your place.
Multi device access

On Any Device

We place a premium value on accessibility. Our digital learning platform is designed to be accessed from all android and IOS devices, including tablets and smartphones. With a single sign-on ability, you can access all learning resources 24/7. Students can navigate the courses easily from their devices, giving them additional options on how, when and where they can learn and practice.
Road map

Simple Course Structure

A hallmark feature of the AuPI is the clarity and simplicity of its course structures. Within each course, learning contents are broken down into sequential-interconnected small learning areas. These small learning areas are laid out in the order which should be completed with a check box function to keep track of progress. In so doing, the students can navigate their progress to date and gauge whether they are on the way to meeting their goals.
industry consultant

Learn From Industry

Australian Polytechnic Institute (AuPI) is distinguished by its learning approach to working closely with industry professionals every step of the way. In addition, all our trainers are industry experts having years of professional experience in the relevant field of discipline. You will learn from industry practitioners. They will lead you through hands-on experiences that immerse you in the industry.
Small class

Trainer-led Small Class

Our trainer-led classes are small. It's no more than 20 students/class. This will allow you to collaborate with peers and spend more time with the trainer.
Bite Size Learning

Learn in Small Bite

Our flexible learning design will enable you to learn in small chunks. Each learning module is sliced into several sequential pieces of small micro-modules. You can transform any short period of free time into a moment of effective learning by completing the micro-modules as you go. You can learn in small bites, even at a train station or while waiting for your coffee in a cafe.